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Bring all needed materials to class and be ready to work when the bell rings! We do not have "down time" in class or pack up prior to the bell waiting for it to ring.

  • Please be in your seat, on-time, on-task and ready to learn.

Keep all personal electronics and laptops put away unless directions indicate their use.

  • Use of personal electronic devices is prohibited without administrator and instructor directions.
  • Use of school technology/issued laptops are only to be used upon instructor directions. I will take your laptop if you are using it in my class without permission to do so or if you are not using it on the designated activity for our class at that time. 

Be responsible for your own learning.

  • Complete your work on time so that you can contribute to class via discussion and work! 
  • Ask questions if you need help. Not asking will not excuse low performance grades. 

Be respectful of the teacher and others, including their property and our classroom environment and time together. Our time is limited and must be protected for ALL students to be able to effectively learn without disruptions. 

  • Please remember that my desk and items on it are not to be touched or used without my permission. 
  • Be respectful to all.
  • Be kind to all. 

No Food or drink except clear water in a see through container is permitted. 

  • This includes gum/candy, snacks and meals from the cafeteria.

Clean up after yourself when in the classroom.

  • Trash goes in the trash can not anyplace else.

Speak at appropriate times and in an appropriate, respectful tone.

  • Raise your hand to be recognized to speak
  • Wait to speak when I or others are talking

If I should be in need of a substitute teacher, the substitute has the same authority that I have.

  • This means that if a substitute teacher should document disciplinary action should conflict arise I will support the substitute's authority and students will receive an office referral/write-up  without discussion.

Come to school ready to comply with all school rules and expectations as outlined and reviewed in the NWHS Handbook.