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My name is Ellen Castro Platt. I am in my eighteenth year teaching at Northwest High School. For the School Year 2022-2023, I will be teaching 4 Spanish 1 classes and 2 Credit Recovery classes. I received my master's degree in Education with a major in ELL K-12 from Trevecca Nazarene University (2011); a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts with a Spanish major and an Education minor from Austin Peay State University (2005); and a bachelor's degree in Commerce with a Banking and Finance major and a General Management minor from Holy Angel University, Philippines (1976-1977). My goal for teaching Spanish is to inspire my students to love and learn the Spanish language, the people and its culture, and to develop a love for adventure and not be afraid to travel around the world. I plan to have "a Great and a Wonderful Year" for my students!
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Spanish 1 Class School Year 2021-2022

  • Objectives: TSWBAT:
  1. Read, write, and speak Spanish.
  2. Learn about the Spanish cultures and traditions.
  3. Be encouraged to continue studying the Spanish language throughout high school and beyond.

Daily Classroom Requirements:

  1. Charged computer.
  2. Come prepared.



  •     1.Be HONEST.
    • You – yourself - will Do assigned work each day.
    • Complete all required class work every day.
      • Apply and Follow the ZOOM norms: self-muted, on camera, virtual background  and participate.
      • Obey ALL rules: our class rules, CMCSS Student Code of Conduct and Policy Handbook, and Internet Use Safety.
  • 3. Be ON TIME.
  • Arrive on time, seated, and working on the BRR assignment. If not, you are TARDY!
  • Turn in class work, homework, project, etc. on time. 
  • Text or email me if you will be late reporting to class so that I do not mark you absent or tardy.
  • 4. Be POLITE.
  • Respect yourself, your teacher, substitute teacher, and fellow students.
  • Listen carefully when your teacher or fellow student is talking.
  • Speak at appropriate times, using appropriate language.
  • Raise your hand if you have a question/comment and wait to be recognized.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY in any languages!

5. NO FOOD/NO DRINKS (chips, cookies, candy, gum, and soda.) No chewing gum, drinking or eating during our  class. 

6. Follow the Student Dress Code: No pajama, tank top or white beater or house clothes during  class.

Reward Procedures:

  • 1. Positive letter to parents/legal guardians.
  • 2. Positive phone call to parents/legal guardians.
  • 3. No weekend homework.
  • Discipline Procedures:
  • 1. First Offense = Teacher Counsel Form *WARNING/One on One Counseling.
  • 2. Second Offense = Behavior Referral Form *Phone Call to parents/legal guardians.
  • *Behavior Journal/Tardy Journal
  • 3. Third Offense = Discipline Referral Form *Administrative Referral and or *Parent – Teacher Referral and or *Parent – Teacher – Administrator Referral