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Welcome to Mr. Hall's German class! I am pleased to be teaching at Northwest! I have 9 years of teaching experience, during which I taught German and Agriculture classes. I earned both of my degrees at APSU, and I also studied in Bavaria for a year as an exchange student, where I took classes at T.U.M Weihenstephan in Freising, Germany.I expect my students to come to class ready to learn and to apply the language. I want them to study and prepare for class and to actually learn to speak the language, and I will give them plenty of opportunities to speak in the classroom. Their experience should be practical and hands-on whenever possible.
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Mission: The mission of Northwest High School is to educate, enable, and encourage students 
to attain their full potential through a commitment to academic and technical excellence.


Courses: German I, II, and III

Instructor: Joshua L. Hall

Northwest phone 931-648-5675

Email [email protected]

Dear Parents,


I am pleased to have your child in my German class, and I look forward to a good year. I hope that I can make this class fun and exciting, while at the same time teaching the fundamentals of German language, culture, history, and traditions as required by Tennessee State Educational Standards. I have certain expectations of my students, which you will find in this syllabus. Please review this letter and sign at the bottom. This syllabus is the first homework assignment in my class.


STANDARD 1: Communicate in a language other and English

STANDARD 2: Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

STANDARD 3: Connect with other disciplines and acquire information

STANDARD 4: Develop insight into the nature of language and culture

STANDARD 5: Participate in multicultural communities and global societies.


Required Supplies:

- Each day my students should bring one sheet of notebook paper and something to write with. I am providing, free of charge, one pencil and three sheets of paper for every student, so they should have no excuse for arriving unprepared.

- Students may be asked to bring other materials for special projects (poster boards, markers, etc.).



- Students will not be assigned textbooks. We will use a classroom set of books. Students may check out copies of the textbook if they wish, but it is not required.



- I know that students have extracurricular activities which are important as well, and I do not intend to burden your child with excessive homework, but on occasion some assignments will be given. I will expect students to bring work in on time. Work will have 10 % deducted from an assignment for each day it is turned in late.



- I have provided each student with a notebook. All student assignments will be placed in this notebook, which will remain in the classroom at all times. This teaches students about organization, and it allows parents to review their child’s progress upon request.


Grading scale:

-Notebook: 60% - This is an average of all class and homework assignments.

-Tests: 30 % - This will include both written test and oral tests.

-Class Participation: 10% - I expect students to actively participate in class to make it fun and interactive. 1% may be deducted for each day of non-participation in any grading period.


Extra Credit:

- Extra credit will be assigned on a case-by-case basis, but generally it is not given. Students will be given extra opportunities to complete regular classroom work, so extra credit is not necessary. In rare cases I will assign extra credit when it is deemed necessary.


Films, Music, and Internet activities:

- To make the class more interesting I will incorporate the use of video and music in my class. Nothing shown will have a rating of PG-13 or higher without permission from the administration and parent consent.



- Students who are found to be cheating on a test, quiz, or assignment will receive a zero for that grade. TALKING DURING TEST TIME IS CONSIDERED CHEATING. This applies to students even if they have turned in their tests.


Special Needs:

- I will do all that I can to make accommodations for students with special needs. Please let me know if special assistance is required. I want my students to succeed.


Cameras and Recordings:

PLEASE NOTE: Students in all World Language classes will be tested on their ability to speak in the target language. As part of the educational process I have been instructed to record your child in order to keep a record of his/her progress. This helps with pronunciation and lets students see where they need to improve. It also allows students to make projects such as skits and short films. Class recordings will be used for educational purposes only.


Mr. Hall’s Classroom Rules and Consequences:

- Class rules and consequences are clearly posted in the front of the classroom. All school rules and class rules must be followed or appropriate action will be taken.


Student: I understand the information described in this syllabus and agree to follow the expectations and procedures that Mr. Hall has explained.


___________________________          ______________________________   __________

   Student’s Name (Please print)                                 Signature                                 Date



Student and Parent/Guardian: We understand that the purpose of this class is to learn in an environment focused on mutual respect, high standards, academic achievement, and 100% graduation.


___________________________          ______________________________     __________

   Parent’s Name (Please print)                         Signature                                           Date