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My journey to NWHS began in California. I earned my B.S. degree in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University, Northern California coast amidst the redwood forest. I worked as a national park service Interpretive Ranger for Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It was during this time I honed my public speaking skills by giving tours on the infamous Alcatraz Islands. I then became a Ca. Fish & Game Warden where I enforced resource laws and responded to pollution spills. I retired as a Lieutenant Specialist after nearly 20 years and relocated my family to TN. I enjoyed a few years of retirement before returning to school to earn a master's in education & teaching credential at Bethel U. It wasn't long after that, that I was hired here at NWHS where I have been teaching for 5 years. I love this school! Along my journey, I acquired a husband, 2 African gray parrots, a dog, a cat, and 2 sons. R&R for me is reading fiction, baking & crafting.
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(931) 648-5675

Welcome to Biology 1A! This year we will be doing a lot of blended learning. The classroom will be utilizing a lot of technology including but not limited to the following sites; google classroom, along with nearpod, activelyread, edpuzzle, and class craft. Your first assignment is to get your laptop and bring it to class charged! Parents if you want access to our google classroom, send me an email with the email address you want me to use. I am happy to share our classroom with you so you can see what assignments we are doing online! My email address is [email protected]

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Students are expected to keep up with the pace of the course and are encouraged not to fall behind in course work. Students should read and study all material given in class and ask questions when they do not understand or need clarification of a concept. All work should be completed on time, using their class time wisely.


• Readings, notes, lab reports/questions, activities/projects, and other assignments.

• Homework is the result of not using class time wisely to complete assignments.

• Weekly quizzes will be given

• Unit test will be given at the completion of each unit. Tests will consist mainly of multiple choices; fill in the blank, matching, and constructed response.


1. Come To class on time. Standing outside the door or in the hallway and rushing after the bell has begun will constitute a tardy. You must be in your seat before the bell rings. You must also be in your seat to be dismissed from class.

2. Be ready to start learning when the bell rings. You should be working on your bell ringer when the bell rings, not getting your binder and/or paper out. The class should not have to wait for you to begun instruction.

3. Attend to personal needs before coming to class. Do not ask me to go to your locker, the counselor, the bathroom, or the nurse. It is your responsibility to come to class with the appropriate materials regardless of where your locker might be located. Bathroom, phone, nurse passes are for emergencies and documented exceptions only.

4. Do not eat candy, drink sodas, or bring any food to class. You may drink bottled water but all other drinks are not allowed per the school rules.

5. Do not touch or disturb others, including their property at any time. Keep your hands, feet, etc. to yourself. This includes propping your feet under someone else’s desk. Do not touch or take items that do not personally belong to you including any teacher supplies without first obtaining permission.

CONSEQUENCES: Students will be expected to follow classroom/school rules and procedures. The Student Handbook will be followed. If you have lost your copy of the Student Handbook, you can find it at

1st Offense - warning from the teacher

2nd Offense - phone call to parent/guardian

3rd Offense - written referral

HOMEWORK: Students may be assigned homework assignments periodically to reinforce concept information. Students are provided plenty of time to complete the work/projects in class, so turning these assignments in late will be not accepted without consequences.

Extra Credit: I do not offer extra credit. Students are capable of passing this course by completing and turning in all assignments and participating in test corrections when necessary.

CHEATING: In the first instance of cheating, the student will receive a “zero” grade for the work involved. Subsequent cheating will result in disciplinary action. Remember: Plagiarism is a form of cheating! This includes copying another student’s work, allowing a student to copy your work, utilizing online resources word for word, etc.

GRADING PROCEDURES: I use a total points grading system. Daily grades will be given a 10-point value. Homework, In-class projects, and unit assignments will be assigned varying point values from 15 to 50 points depending on the difficulty of the project and amount of time used in and out of class to complete the project. Tests will be worth 100 points and quizzes will be valued at 20 points. Semester grades are 40% each nine weeks and 20% for the exam for a total of 100%.

The school grading scale is as follows:

A= 93-100

B= 85-92

C= 75-84

D= 70-74

F= 69 and below

LATEWORK/MAKE-UP WORK: It is the responsibility of the student to get his or her make-up work from me before or after class. The student will have as many days as absent to make up the missed assignments. If a student misses a test or quiz, it is their responsibility for setting up a time with me to retake the missed test/quiz. All tests/quizzes must be retaken within a week of the student returning to school.

AFTER SCHOOL HELP: After school help is available. The student needs to make and appointment with the teacher if he/she feels they need after school tutoring or if they need to stay after to make up work due to absences. I will be available after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday until 3:30 p.m.