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It is the responsibility of the student to get his or her make-up work upon return from absence. I will not remind students to get work after they have been absent.  The student will have as many days as he or she was absent to make up the missed assignments. In order to assure accuracy in the gradebook, I will initially record a zero and replace it with the new grade after work is completed.  Makeup classwork will be located by day in a file box in the classroom. Upon completion, work should be given directly to the teacher.  If a student misses a test or quiz, he or she will be responsible for setting up a time with me to retake the missed test/quiz.  All tests/quizzes must be taken within a week of the student returning to school.



Students should always make the effort to complete and submit assignments on time. I understand that there are situations that arise.  All late work immediately receives a 20% deduction from the earned grade. Late projects will automatically receive a 20% reduction from the earned grade.


If an assignment is not turned in during that assignment’s unit it was taught and/or before that unit’s exam, the assignment will be put in the gradebook as a 0%.

All legal documents will be followed and appropriate time will be given.


Bring all needed materials to class and be ready to work when the bell rings.

  • Be in your seat, on-time, on-task and ready to learn.

Keep all personal electronics put away.

  • Use of personal electronic devices is prohibited.

Be responsible for your own learning.

  • Complete your work so that you can contribute to class
  • Ask questions

Be respectful of the teacher and others, including their property.

  • My desk and items on it are my property and mine alone
  • Be nice

No Food or drink except clear water in a see through container

  • This includes gum!

Clean up after yourself and with your lab group members.

  • Trash goes in the trash can not the sinks, cupboards and drawers.

Speak at appropriate times and in an appropriate tone.

  • Raise your hand to be recognized to speak
  • Wait to speak when I or others are talking

If I should have a substitute teacher, she has the same authority that I have.

  • This means that if it is his/her word against yours should conflict arise, I will take her side, and you will be written up without discussion should you misbehave.