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My name is Ursula Wright and I am the Digital Learning teacher for the 2021-2022 school year. I am looking forward to an exciting school year with your son/daughter. This year I am new to the Clarksville area and looking forward to learning all I can about the town and its people.
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Students are required to actively work on assignments from the start of the class period until the end of the class period. At minimum, all assignments due for the day should be completed during the class. Students who finish all assignments that are due during that class should continue working by beginning assignments for the next day, if time permits. When an assignment is completed, students are to document the scores on a Digital Assignment Log sheet shared with their teacher. This assignment log is required to completed and submitted at the completion of the class being recovered before credit will be issued.

Students must finish one class before starting another class. 

Students must keep a notebook in order to take notes, preferably an electronic document that can be shared with your teacher as necessary. Students may work on their assignments at any time, in school or out, as a way of getting the work done for credit faster. The Pre-test and Final Semester Exam should be taken within the classroom with a teacher present, some exceptions may apply in regards to virtual students. Teachers will be conducting checks daily and weekly to monitor progress. If a student is not completing the required amount of assignments per day/week, the parent will be notified.


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