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March 22nd, 2019

Free and Confidential Support

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it also comes with many stressors like changes in routines, state testing, and grades. If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally or having a hard time, please seek help immediately. For more information, visit or reach out to one of the resources below.

February 25th, 2019

Bell Schedule

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


English I & II Writing Benchmark & US History CCR


1st                        7:30-7:35            (attendance)

*7:35 all students move to testing location and

seniors move to 400 building by announcement


          9th-11th Testing Period       7:35-9:50*

          *students will be dismissed back to 1st period by announcement


1st                        9:55-10:20          (25 min)


2nd                     10:25-10:50        (25 min)


3rd                       10:55-11:20        (25 min)


5th                        11:25-12:50        (55 min)

A Lunch     11:25-11:50

B Lunch      11:55-12:20

C Lunch      12:25-12:50


4th                        12:55-1:20          (25 min)


6th                        1:25-1:50            (25 min)


7th                        1:55-2:25            (30 min)

February 25th, 2019

TCAT Signing Day

21 seniors from the Class of 2019 attended the TCAT Clarksville Signing Day on February 21st.


Some of the programs these students plan to earn a degree in are Auto Tech, Diesel Powered Equipment, Computer Information Technology, Welding, Cosmetology, and HVAC.


We are excited that they are choosing to pursue a technical degree that will lead to great employment opportunities.


February 8th, 2019

Commissioner Schwinn Visits NWHS

January 28th, 2019

Friday February 1st schedule


Friday, February 1st, 2019




(9TH, 10TH, 12TH)

Silent Bells




Silent Bells

1ST     7:30-8:20

         *7:35 Displaced

          teachers and students

          move to new locations

7:30 – 7:35    1st Period for Announcements & Attendance
2ND    8:25-9:15 7:35 – 7:40    Movement to ACT Locations via   


3RD    9:20-10:10 7:40 – 12:00   ACT
4TH    10:15-11:05     
6TH    11:10-12:00   12:00   ACT Complete – Move to 5th Period/A Lunch via



Bells Back On

                                             5TH                12:05-1:30


                                                            A LUNCH     12:05-12:30

                                                            B LUNCH     12:35-1:00

                                                            C LUNCH     1:05-1:30


                                             7TH                1:35 – 2:25     



December 12th, 2018

1st Semester Exam Schedule





Monday, December 17th
1st EXAM 7:30-9:15
2nd 9:20-10:00
3rd 10:05-10:45
4th 10:50-11:30
5th 11:35-1:00
A Lunch 11:35-12:00
B Lunch 12:05-12:30
C Lunch 12:35-1:00
6th 1:05-1:45
7th 1:50-2:25


Tuesday, December 18th
2nd EXAM 7:30-9:15
3rd EXAM 9:20-11:05
Students Transition to 4th Period for LUNCH. “A” lunch will be dismissed from 4th period.
4th A Lunch 11:10-11:35
B Lunch 11:40-12:05
C Lunch 12:10-12:35
4th EXAM 12:40-2:25


Wednesday, December 19th
5th EXAM 7:30-9:15
 Early dismissal students may leave at conclusion of 5th period exam
6th EXAM 9:20-11:05
Students Transition to 7th Period for LUNCH. “A” lunch will be dismissed from 7th period.
 Early dismissal students may leave at conclusion of 6th period exam.
7th A Lunch 11:10-11:35
B Lunch 11:40-12:05
C Lunch 12:10-12:35
7th EXAM 12:40-2:25
* All senior students that have early dismissal must report to the front office at the conclusion of their last exam to sign out.


Thursday, December 20th (Half-Day Students) – Make up Exams

December 10th, 2018

Lady Viking Wrestling

After finishing 4th in state last year, NWHS Lady Viking Wrestling is currently ranked #2 in the state as a team and has true capability of bringing home another state championship this year!

In addition to being ranked #2 as a team, 5 out of the 12 members on the team are ranked in the top 5 in their respective weight classes individually.

*2018 Middle School State Champion: Brette Spink is ranked #4

*Last year’s state medalists and Seniors this year Brianna Teasley and NovaLee Feichko are ranked 3rd and 5th respectively.

*Three-Time State Medalist and Team Captain Deyla Brito-Perez is ranked #1 in the state.

*4 time All-American and 2 time State Medalist Catherine Palmieri is also ranked #1 in her class.

December 10th, 2018

FFA Christmas Parade

FFA placed 3rd in the Clarksville Christmas Parade

November 6th, 2018

Winter Sports’ Kickoff Pep Rally

Winter Sports’ Kickoff Pep Rally will be Friday, November 9th. We will be on B Schedule.

November 6th, 2018

CMCSS Theater Festival

Northwest will be holding our first CMCSS Theater Festival Saturday, November 17th from 8am to 8pm.